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Adventure Time - Finn Sword by 13th-Cat
Adventure Time - Finn Sword
So, I made some postcard back on August, an Adventure Time sword series

This is the Finn Sword

Finn sword is the second sword that ruins me.. Why? because (spoiler: It's FREAKING Finn!!) How is that NOT weird?! well it is pretty nice looking and hella sharp but still...

Adventure Time © Cartoon Network
Art © 13th-Cat
Adventure Time - Grass Blade Sword by 13th-Cat
Adventure Time - Grass Blade Sword
So, I made some postcard back on August, an Adventure Time sword series

This is the Grass Blade Sword

This is the only sword that made me sad when it got broke... This swords is cursed but it just want to protect you! The only "bad" thing it does is... well trying to hard to protect you //the irony *sobs*

Adventure Time © Cartoon Network
Art © 13th-Cat
Adventure Time - Demon Blood Sword by 13th-Cat
Adventure Time - Demon Blood Sword
So, I made some postcard back on August, an Adventure Time sword series

This is the Demon Blood Sword

Ok, the real one is not this cool (or demanding) but come oonnn~ A sword, made from pure 100% demon BLOOD

Adventure Time © Cartoon Network
Art © 13th-Cat
Death S Apprentices  - Gerald F Hunter by 13th-Cat
Death S Apprentices - Gerald F Hunter
:icondeathsapprentices: My human app for :icondeathsapprentices:
I hope I got accepted

EDIT : I've added some stuff into his personality

ID #/ Card: #527867168

Name: Gérald Felix Hunter

THREADCUTTER username: luckyKing

HP: 12

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 168 cm ; 5'5"

Location: Manhattan, New York City

Level of spiritual awareness: 5 [ He can see the apprentice clearly and remembers them,sometimes , but he can only see the red threads. He can't see the white threads. Sometimes he can but very very blurry, so he just shrug it off ]

:bulletblue: Easy going
:bulletblue: Focus
:bulletblue: Social Butterfly | He can fly into any conversation and it won't be awkward
:bulletblue: Protective (to certain people)
:bulletblue: Optimistic | "The glass is half full. You should fill it up more"
:bulletblue: Curious cat | "What's that shiny thing?"

:bulletred: Narcissistic | He got a bunch of selfie in his instagram, a whole lot more in his room
:bulletred: Prideful
:bulletred: Competitive | He really, really HATE losing
:bulletred: Stubborn
:bulletred: Mood swing | He had a sleeping problem, so he sometimes too tired to keep his calm
:bulletred: Antisocial | He can't understand how a social interaction is so important to people

Gerald was born in Queens, New York City, 21 years ago. His father was American, and his mother was Italian. They met when Gerald's mother moved to New York. They got married and had two children, Gerald and his big brother, Theodore. Gerald is a talented kid. He won lots of awards when he's in elementary school. And his parent likes to compete, so naturally they made Gerald and his brother entered contests. He really enjoyed it, win against other kids and become the best. However, he could never beat his brother. He won in most of the competition he enters. But the ones he never won, are the ones where Theodore enters as well. Gerald usually only won the second place when they both compete. And because of that, his parents favor his older brother more.

He started to have 'vision' of red strings around people when he was around 8 y-o. More specifically, a car crash near his house. A couple of red strings surrounded the car, by the time Gerald thought it was just a decoration. Until the car crashed into a wall in high speed. When he got close to the car's wreck, he saw a man cuts the red strings, and then both the man and the strings disappeared. It didn't took him long to realize those red strings means death. He told his brother about the strings and the mysterious man, but he just shrugs it off and told Gerald that's probably just his imagination. "People don't just disappeared into thin air." That's what they told him. But this happens a couple of time. The red strings suddenly appears, and a couple of minutes later, the person died. And sometimes, he saw these people who wore out-of-fashion clothes from at least 300 hundreds years back. They come and cut the red strings and just disappeared, again. Gerald noticed how people don't notice them (How can you not see those 4m spear right there??!). He told his family about this, but they don't believe him. His parents thought Gerald is just a very imaginative kid. [Let's be honest, who would listen to a 9 years old who saw a guy in Victorian clothes with a scythe?]. Being told that, he tried to ignore this strings and mysterious figures. But it's not easy to ignore something that happens a lot around you. His spiritual level increased by days, but because he didn't put much effort (if any) to it, he just stuck on level 5. He sees this red strings clearly and also able to tell which is the apprentices from human (but he really thought they were just cosplayer, sometimes. Kids~), but still not able to see the white thread or to manipulate the red thread.

When he was 10, a robber broke into his house at night, and killed everyone, except Gerald. The robber didn't took anything in the house. The police concluded that Gerald's parent saw the robber and tried to stop him, only to be killed afterward. The murderer, however, were never caught. Having no where else to go, Gerald's aunt took him in and raise him along with his cousins. Gerald moved to his aunt's house in Manhattan.
Years passes by. After graduated from high school, he went to university and took Fine Art major. He also works part time on a cafe near his university for some extra cash (art major is really expensive).

:bulletblack: He likes LOVES poetry
:bulletblack: Sometimes when he is very happy or very sad or angry, his sentences started to rhyme. The stronger the emotion, the more eloquent the sentences.
:bulletblack: He also collects lots of crystal glass ornament. They look really pretty under the light.
:bulletblack: He's not really into supernatural stuff (despite being able to see ghosts and threads and such)
:bulletblack: Although he dislike seeing this red strings around, he doesn't really thought death as a bad thing (more to the curious side actually)
:bulletblack: His favorite pokemon is Ditto
:bulletblack: Despite being a social butterfly, sometimes he likes to go to a quiet places and clear his mind
:bulletblack: After his parents passed away, he didn't enter as much contest as he used to. But still did it from time to time because it was fun.
:bulletblack: When he saw people cosplays, especially those who wears victorian era costume or later, he usually double checks if they are "real" people or just his "imagination".

Team/Partners: SOLO (for now)

STR:  3 | He exercises a lot and join a judo club back in high school
DEX: 3 | And also the track team in junior high school
CON: 2 | Did I mentioned the athletic clubs?
INT: 2  | He had a pretty strong grasp of main target
WIS: 0 | He's pretty reckless. Act before you think is one of his motto
CHA: 3 | He easily made friends and had people do stuff for him, "sometimes"

Contact: skype (note me for ID) :)

Wow, it's been awhile since I color digitally... wow...

note : his hair color is the one on the ID one.. that slightly red..ish one

Gerald F. Hunter © 13th-Cat


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Cat number 13
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi! Welcome to my profile! I'm 13th-Cat
you can call me 13th, Cat, 13, thCat, at, kitty meow, anyway u want :iconheplz:

I'm a(n) :
:music: Otaku
:music: Cat-lover :meow:
:music: Glasses-lover :iconsmartyplz:
:music: Hardcore Procrastinator
:music: 100% Indonesian kid :iconindonesiaflagplz:

Currently I'm a fan of Homestuck, Vocaloid, Disney, Detective Conan, Kingdom Hearts, and lots other XDD

Yup, I am a slow person~ and random at random moment so yeah bare with me :iconhebeesplz:

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